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The Industry Leader in Alkaline Water Ionizer Technologies

Hydrocare Scale Removal

Hydrocare™ from LIFE Ionizers™

The Major Breakthrough in Limescale Treatment
If you Own or Operate Any of the Following:
PoolDry CleanersHot Water Heater
You Need HydroCare's Easy Install Unit
to Prevent Scale Build-up!

The Scale Build-up Problem:

Limescale build-up costs thousands of dollars in wasted energy and drastically reduces the life of any of your appliances that involve your home plumbing, such as your water heater, dishwasher, ice maker, washing machine, coffee maker, and of course, your water pipes.

Modern homes with modern energy technology are at risk for scale buildup, particularly tankless hot water systems—which puts your wallet at risk. Here’s why you should care about scale build-up right now: The prevention of scale build-up is usually a provision of your appliances’ warranties. Your failure to prevent scale buildup is enough to void any warranties your water heater or washing machine or water ionizer are under.

Be proactive and prevent the inevitable scale build-up that occurs especially in areas of intense heat—like, for example, a tankless hot water system, which is an entire network of pipes. Pipes are especially susceptible to build-up of scale because of their small diameter. In pipes, as well as tank heaters, Scale is sure to build up faster and deteriorate your home water pressure and increase your energy costs.

Call 800-578-5939 Today to Order your Hydrocare and Start Saving Money!


Hydrocare HC-44

fits pipes of 1” diameter.
Ideal for residential locations
with up to 3 baths.


Hydrocare HC-48

fits pipes of 2” diameter.
Larger Capacity Hydrocare unit, ideal for:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water heaters, or steam applications
  • Commercial/industrial-use water descaler
  • Well-Water users

HydroCare: The Scale Build-up Solution!

  • Costs a fraction of a water softener!
  • No Maintenance! No Bags of Salt! No Filters!
  • Energy Savings – up to 30% increased efficiencies in heating water
  • Unclogs pipes and saves thousands of gallons of water
  • Extends the life of your entire plumbing system and appliances
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy!
  • Uses less than 2 watts of energy!

Call 800-578-5939 Today to Order your Hydrocare and Start Saving Money!

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