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The Industry Leader in Alkaline Water Ionizer Technologies

How Ionizers Work

A LIFE water ionizer purifies and ionizes water in three steps:

  1. Pre-filtration
  2. Internal Filtration
  3. Ionization
Diagram of How a Water Ionizer Works
  • Step 1: Pre-filtration

  • Healthy water is clean water, that's why a LIFE water ionizer includes a FREE custom pre-filter configured to target toxins in your water that other ionizers might miss. Our healthy water experts select the right filter for your ionizer based on your local water quality report. Yes! We can set up a water ionizer with a filter that removes fluoride from your water!
  • Step 2: Internal filtration

  • LIFE Ionizers uses two internal filters to purify water before it is ionized. LIFE's internal filtration process includes our Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology® (patent pending) for laboratory-grade chlorine reduction.
  • Step 3: How water is ionized - Electrodialysis

  • Electrodialysis – Water is separated during ionization by an ion-permeable membrane that divides the ionization chamber into alkaline and acidic streams.
  • Ion-permeable membranes allow ions –charged particles– to pass, but not molecules.
  • Negatively-charged ions accumulate in the alkalinewater; positively-charged ions collect in the acidic water.
  • LIFE Ionizers uses Dupont© Nafion© Bipolar Exchange Membranes – proven water separation technology

Did you know? Electrodialysis is not electrolysis. The difference between the two technologies is the ion-permeable membrane. Water ionizers use electrodialysis, not electrolysis, to ionize water!

Water Ionizers make two kinds of water

  • Alkaline water is used for drinking, cleaning vegetables, and cooking.
  • Acidic water is a natural cleanser and excellent organic skin and a miracle for hair!
  • Concentrated acidic water has strong antiseptic properties and can be used for cleaning around the house for cleaning toothbrushes, hands, and even as mouthwash.

Double Duty!
Only water ionizers both clean and ionize your drinking water.

Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis – In-depth explanation of how the Bipolar Ion Exchange membrane used in a LIFE Ionizer works: http://doc.utwente.nl/36287/1/t000002b.pdf


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